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Entry #5

Me right now!

2016-11-12 07:44:16 by Mattlaaa

Hey Newgrounds + followers!

I appreciate those who have played the games I have done music for and/or those who follow me because of my music!


You might be wondering why things have been quiet for the past year(s)!

Well, I have recently landed my first job as a full-time highschool music teacher! So that is a thing.

One of the things I plan on covering as a teacher is how to make music for video games and how to use the various softwares involved! Cool or what ;)


We should be looking at a new release to one of our current projects soon! So stay tuned.

- Matt :)


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2016-11-12 08:59:45

Congratulations and cheers to a bright future!

Mattlaaa responds:

Cheers :) I appreciate your comment :D
Thank you!